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Autumn, mushroom season

With the humidity of autumn comes the mushroom season, a time when wild fungi grow in abundance in the forests.

This is the best time to enjoy mushrooms in all aspects, whether you are fond of picking them or just want to enjoy their taste in the autumn gastronomy.

We tell you all about the seasonal mushrooms you can find in the forest or in the market, how to pick them and in which dishes you can enjoy them.

When is the mushroom season?

Autumn is the season for mushrooms par excellence, as this is when the weather conditions are usually ideal for their growth. More specifically, mushrooms usually grow about two weeks after the rains.

Among the factors that influence the growth of boletus are mainly the environmental humidity, the soil, and a temperature not too low. These conditions are usually found in the months of October and November in Spain.

Tips for collecting in mushroom season

If you are one of those who go out to look for mushrooms in the forest, you will know that there are toxic varieties that can be very dangerous for human consumption. Therefore, one of the first tips for the mushroom season is to take only the specimens that you know how to identify without any doubt.

There is no specific rule that allows to distinguish with certainty an edible mushroom from a poisonous one, so in case of doubt do not risk and avoid eating the fungi that you do not know.

Experts recommend cutting the mushrooms by the foot with a knife to protect the mycelium, that is, the roots of the fungus that allow new specimens to grow. It is also advisable to collect them in baskets so that the mushroom spores can return to the forest. In addition, you should leave very small mushrooms in the forest and avoid breaking those that you are not going to pick.

Edible seasonal mushrooms

Some of the most frequent seasonal mushrooms in Spain are the robellón (bloody milk cap), the níscalo (delicious milk cap), the white mushroom, the woodwaxes, the black chanterelle, the chanterelle and the negrilla (grey knight). Some of the most appreciated at gastronomic level are the robellón and the cep.

Most frequent poisonous mushrooms

Some of the toxic and very dangerous mushrooms to avoid are the amanita phalloides, deadly for humans, the amanita muscaria, known for its red color with white dots, as well as the cortinarius, which causes serious poisoning.

Mushroom season in the Empordà region

In most of Catalonia and specifically in the Empordà region, the mushroom season starts at the end of September and lasts until November.

We invite you to enjoy the mushroom season at Mas de Torrent, our hotel in the heart of the Costa Brava. Ceps, robellones, negrillas, black chanterelles... in the forests surrounding our hotel you can find the most delicious varieties of boletus.

And if you prefer to go directly to the gastronomic experience, in the Restaurant Mas de Torrent you can try our seasonal menu starring the most typical products of autumn.

On November 11, a unique gastronomic event will be held by the Freixa family, father and son, who will cook together at Mas de Torrent. You can enjoy the lunch menu prepared by Josep Maria Freixa and Ramón Freixa and take the opportunity to stay at our hotel with a gastronomic getaway offer.

You can also enjoy our Halloween Pastry Workshop on October 28th.

Enjoy autumn in Mas de Torrent

Hidden among the nature of the Empordà, Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa offers a quiet and relaxing accommodation in the heart of the Costa Brava. Our rooms and suites are cozy spaces with all the amenities you need. In addition, we have an extensive catalog of activities including our exclusive spa on the Costa Brava, boat trips, yoga, outdoor sports and much more.

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October 18, 2023