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The Dalí Museum

Are you planning to visit the Dalí Museum and are you passionate about art and surrealism?

Salvador Dalí is one of the most representative painters of the surrealism movement of the 20th century. This internationally renowned artist has the Dalí Museum, one of the most spectacular, famous and visited museums in Spain, which you should not miss if you come to Catalonia or Spain.

Visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueras

The Dalí Theatre-Museum is located in Figueres, in the Plaça Gala-Salvador Dalí. It is a museum entirely dedicated to the work of Dalí and is housed in the building of the former Municipal Theatre of Figueres, built between 1848 and 1850.

In gratitude and homage to the internationally renowned artist Salvador Dalí, the city of Figueras proposed and ceded the facilities of the former Theatre to the artist so that the Dalí Museum could be built, and so that the city of the artist's birth would have representative works by the author.

The Dalí Theatre-Museum was inaugurated in 1974 and has the particularity that it was conceived and designed by the artist himself during his lifetime, which gives it a great artistic value and of course to the admirers of Salvador Dalí.

It is now one of the most visited museums in Spain and the world.

The Dalí House-Museum at Portlligat (Cadaqués)

The Dalí House-Museum was a small fisherman's house in Portlligat (municipality of Cadaqués), where the artist lived and worked for many years. They lived in this house with his wife from 1930 until the death of Gala (his wife) in 1982.

Now it has become a spectacular museum, a must for admirers of the artist (painter, sculptor, engraver, set designer...), where we can see and enjoy details of his work in every room, bedroom, living room or the spectacular outdoor gardens.

At the Dalí House-Museum we can delve into the artist's thoughts and tastes to try to better understand his imagination and creativity. We will realise that Dalí's imprint is in every detail and corner of the house.

Dalí Museum Tickets

Dalí's artistic world was so creative and expansive that it covered various fields from painting, sculpture, scenography and jewellery. So when we talk about the Dalí Museum we must bear in mind that we will find different spaces in different locations that we can visit. And for all of them it is highly recommended to book your ticket in advance online, especially during the high tourist season.

Dalí Theatre-Museum: This is the museum conceived by Dalí himself and therefore considered to be the largest surrealist object in the world. It occupies the building of the former Municipal Theatre of Figueres.

Dalí-Jewels: This is a permanent exhibition inside the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueras where the jewels designed by the artist are exhibited.

Dalí House-Museum: This is the house where the artist lived and worked on his works. It is in Portlligat in the municipality of Cadaqués (Girona).

Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol: Converted into a museum and open to the public since 1996, it allows you to discover the medieval building and Dalí's paintings and drawings. As well as being able to walk through the rooms and spaces of the castle designed by the artist, it allows us to contemplate the sculptures of long-legged elephants in the garden and the mausoleum where Gala was buried. It is located in the town of Púbol (Girona).

For all the information about tickets for the Museum's spaces click here.

How to get to the Dalí Museum

If you want to visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum you will see that Figueras is very well connected whether you are coming from Barcelona, Girona or France, via the AP7 motorway and the N-II national road.

If you are staying at Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa you will be very close and in just 45 minutes by car you will be able to reach the Dalí Theatre-Museum.

If you want to visit Catalonia or you come to stay at our boutique hotel in Girona, we recommend you not to miss the unique opportunity to visit the Dalí Museum. We are waiting for you!

March 16, 2022