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Summer, tomato season

Summer is a period which brings along many culinary delights, but one of the undisputed stars of the season is the tomato.

This versatile vegetable is an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine, especially during the warmer months. Tomato season inspires a variety of fresh and delicious dishes that highlight the unique flavours of this time of year.

Tomato time: a rainbow of varieties

Summer is a time of abundance for tomatoes, with an impressive array of colours, sizes and flavours to delight the senses. From small cherry and grape tomatoes to large, fleshy Raf tomatoes, all tomato varieties have something special to offer.

The essence of summer is perfectly captured in the fresh, juicy flavour of a ripe tomato. Seasonal tomatoes have a natural sweetness that is difficult to replicate at other times of the year. At Mas de Torrent we believe in the importance of seasonal produce, which is why in our restaurants we use the freshest ingredients according to their season, including tomatoes.

The best tomato dishes in the summertime

Summer invites a variety of fresh dishes that highlight the flavour and texture of tomatoes. From caprese salads with fresh tomato slices and mozzarella, homemade tomato sauces, and the traditional gazpacho and salmorejo, tomatoes are at the heart of many summer recipes in Mediterranean cuisine.

Summer is a wonderful opportunity to get all the benefits of tomatoes with these delicious dishes, which are not only healthy but also refreshing and help to beat the heat.

Enjoy seasonal cuisine at Mas de Torrent

Summer is truly the time of the tomato, a gastronomic gem that adds freshness and flavour to the table all season long. Make the most of this gift of nature and enjoy the explosion of flavours and colours that only the summer tomato can offer at Restaurant Mas de Torrent, with an excellent gastronomic offer that includes dishes with the best seasonal sea and mountain products from the team of chef Ramón Freixa.

We have several options for you to enjoy the culinary delights of the Costa Brava. A Seasonal Menu with the most typical dishes of each season, including summer tomatoes, as well as a Tasting Menu that includes a section of artisan cheeses from the Empordà region.

In addition to our gastronomic offer, we have a selection of excellent wines with more than 200 references, including Empordà wines, as well as a tasting area led by our sommelier.

For a more casual proposal, Las Brasas del Mas Restaurant offers you a selection of dishes featuring market produce cooked on the grill. With meats and fish from the area and vegetables straight from the garden, to be enjoyed outside.

Hotel Mas de Torrent, experience the best of the Costa Brava

Located in the heart of the Costa Brava, the Hotel Mas de Torrent is a haven of luxury and peace in the Mediterranean. Suites with private garden, a magnificent swimming pool and an exclusive spa with the best treatments for a relaxing stay.

Our 5-star hotel on the Costa Brava is the ideal place to disconnect and enjoy the wonders of the sea. An unforgettable stay in a destination renowned worldwide for its gastronomy, culture and sport.

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August 21, 2023