Fina Puigdevall

Fina Puigdevall, chef of the restaurant Les Cols d'Olot awarded with 2 Michelin stars, oversees the culinary operations at Mas de Torrent.

She brings her km0 philosophy, based on the freshest local products, to offer a gourmet proposal rooted in the land and the landscape of the Empordà.

Fina Puigdevall’s cooking conveys much with few elements. When creating the dishes she likes to remove everything that she considers is not essential, while not losing the essential poetry. It is a light and essential style, purified but generous. It conveys sincerity, balance, austerity and naturalness, in an authentic and emotive way, with imagination, intuition and sensitivity. It is a style of cooking which reflects her own way of being.

The culinary proposals which this restaurant offer are rooted in the land and the landscape surrounding it.