Dalí Triangle

The greatest genius among the artists of the Empordà left behind a considerable heritage which is gathered in a triangle made up the following three locations: The Museum-Theatre of Figueres, the Museum-House of Port-Lligat and Gala’s castle in Púbol, which is the one closest to Mas de Torrent.

The medieval castle of Púbol was a gift to Gala, where Dali was forbidden to visit unless invited. In various areas of the castle, Dali either created or commissioned pictorial decorations with a "trompe l'oeil".

Gala passed away in Port-Lligat on 10 June 1982. Her last journey was  to Púbol to be buried, driven in the Cadillac which to this day remains parked in the castle’s garage. After Gala’s death, Dali moved into the castle. It was during his times in Púbol, between June 1982 and August 1984 that the artist produced his final work.

Distance from Mas de Torrent: Púbol, 19 km (20 min. by car) / Figueres, 45 km (50 min.) / Port-Lligat, 70 km (1h 20 min.).