Girona and the Jewish Quarter

Girona maintains all of the charm of a major city without the crowds; the city is tailored for people to be able to enjoy every single one of its attractions, including its streets, its celebrations, cultural offering, restaurants, tourist facilities, events and festivals.

The Old Town is one of Catalonia’s most evocative historical centres and features some elements which are unique in Europe: The Carolingian wall, the Jewish quarter known as Call Jueu, which is one of the best preserved in Europe, the Arabic Baths and the grandeur of the Gothic nave of the Cathedral, the widest in the world. Girona also boasts six interesting museums, including the Museum of Jewish History and the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia which is housed in the old convent of Sant Pere de Galligants.

Distance from Mas de Torrent: 40 km (40 min by car).