Celebrate this Christmas with us

Celebrate this Christmas with us and indulge in the authentic Catalan flavours of chef Ramón Freixa’s signature cuisine.

Christmas Eve features sea bass, lamb, crayfish ravioli and traditional “nen de la mare”. Christmas Day highlights are a traditional escudella, chickpea trinxat with sausage, and a choice of scorpion fish filet, or stuffed capon. On Boxing Day, Ramón serves his signature roasted meats cannelloni with truffle béchamel, cod loin wrapped in pork papada with black olives, and crispy, pressed suckling pig.

New Year's Eve, is never just a dinner, but a full-blown event in the Empordà, which includes a tasting menu, live music, bells, party gifts and drinks until 2am.

On any of these occasions, expect exceptional local products, innovative menus and service that will make you feel completely at home.